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For A-ROSA, the well-being and safety of all guests, crew members and employees have the highest priority. Your satisfaction and the health of all is very important to us. A-ROSA has committed itself to the highest standards of hygiene, even exceeding them, and trains all employees regularly.

Updated - 10.08.2020

We look forward to setting sail again with you soon, visiting the most beautiful cities and natural landscapes along Europe’s rivers.

At A-ROSA, the health, safety and well-being of all guests and crew members is always our highest priority. So that we are able to restart sailing under the ‘new normal’, we have established the A-ROSA Care Team, comprising of both internal and external specialists.

Based on the official orders and recommendations from the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention, the A-ROSA Care Team has developed a comprehensive hygiene and health concept that further expands on our already very high safety standards. We follow current developments and advice closely and adapt our concept continuously, as per the latest recommendations. The Robert Koch Institute’s renowned experts have also supported us in the design and implementation of a safe holiday concept for both our guests and our employees. All of this extensive work underlines the fact that we have prepared ourselves meticulously to restart our cruises and are aware of our extraordinary responsibility.

In addition, we have appointed Dr. med. Jens Tülsner as fleet doctor to support our operations. He is the founder and CEO of Marine Medical Solutions and has, alongside others, assisted A-ROSA with the creation of its new health and hygiene concept. 

Our guests can look forward to our friendly and welcoming service, plenty of relaxation and our feel-good atmosphere. Our crew will do everything to make your holiday with us as pleasant and carefree as possible.


Current Travel Information

A ROSA Hygiene Information

We have established processes for the prevention of viral diseases. In accordance with international regulations and taking into account the health and safety of our guests and crew, we have implemented the following key measures:


  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres will apply to the entire ship, which will be implemented using a guidance system with aisles as 'one-way streets', floor markings, reduced size dining areas and seating groups, ensuring the required distancing.
  • Specific rules of conduct for the ships will be communicated regularly by posters, information videos and ship announcements.
  • Existing cleaning and disinfection plans and logs will be further enhanced.
  • Effective disinfectants will be provided, and their use will be checked at all entrances (ship, restaurant, lounge, sun deck, work and crew areas).
  • In the public areas, all crew members and guests must wear a full mouth and nose cover. This does not apply to guests who are seated at a dining table or in the open-air areas.
  • A-ROSA ships are already equipped with an air conditioning system that provides all cabins and public spaces with seperate air supplies. Fresh air is drawn into each cabin and public space, it is then filtered before being released back outside.
  • Access to the ship by external persons will be kept to the necessary minimum.


Prior to departure

  • Guests will be sent a declaration of fitness to travel and the rules of conducts onboard. These must be signed and handed over on arrival at the ship
  • In addition, guests must carry out a 'self check' for symptoms and not travel if any of the results are positive.



  • On arrival at the ship, in a specially designed reception area, guests' body temperature will be checked using an infrared thermometer and the necessary documents will be collected.
  • Guests baggage will be disinfected.



  • All tables will be positioned so that the minimum distance required can be maintained.
  • The meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner) are offered at two staggered times.
  • Cutlery racks, table decorations and menus will be removed.



  • The SPA-ROSA offering will be reduced and carried out in accordance with newly established hygiene and distancing rules. The sauna will not be accessible.



  • The group sizes for all excursions will be reduced.
  • Any audio equipment, bikes etc.will be disinfected after every use.



  • The crew undergoes a comprehensive health check before they board the ship. They may only work on board with the resulting current health certificate.

Should there be any further changes to current regulations or requirements by the authorities on short notice, in the interest of the health and safety of our guests and crews, we will provide our updated policy and guest information immediately.

Further information:

All information published on this website has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, but without claim to its completeness or correctness. Should individual formulations be misleadingly expressed, we apologise for this. We stand for national diversity and equal rights for our guests and employees as well as for international cooperation and equal rights for all nations and genders.